Beautiful pre-built payroll flows

Zeal Components are engaging user experiences that help you get started quickly. Components can be customized with your logo, font, and color scheme to fit perfectly with your brand.

Employer Onboarding

The Zeal platform allows platforms to onboard Employers via API or white-label components, making it simple for platforms to onboard Customers at scale. The Employer Onboarding experience includes the collection of Employer contact information, collection of IRS Form 8655 (Power of Attorney Authorization), collection of payroll authorization contract; and KYB (Know your business) authorization.

Employee & Contractor Onboarding

The Zeal platform offers employee onboarding via  API, manual entry from a Platform or Employer, white-label web onboarding, and iOS, Android, React mobile SDKs. The Employee Onboarding experience includes contact information collection, collection of IRS Form W-4, collection of state W-4, collection of form I-9, and collection of direct deposit authorization.

Onboarding SDKs

The Zeal platform offers white-label mobile onboarding SDKs for iOS, Android, and React Native to make it super simple for your team to build a simple flow for employee onboarding. The Onboarding SDK experience includes contact information collection, collection of IRS Form W-4, collection  of state W-4, collection of Form I-9, collection of direct deposit authorization.

Employer Dashboard

Employers need to access payroll data through a central platform. Core functionality includes a flow for the Employer to manually enter payroll or make adjustments to payroll, a place to create and export reports of payroll processing, and the ability to add multiple team members to approve and review payroll.

Employee & Contractor Dashboard

Employees need to access payroll data through a central platform. Core functionality includes a dashboard for the Employee to edit their contact and bank account information and the ability to view and download paystub information.

Guest Access Dashboard

Employers need to give their accountants, insurance providers, and legal team access to their payroll dashboard. Zeal’s white-label Guest Access Onboarding & Dashboard allow an Employer to easily onboard their external team to best support them. In the Guest Access dashboard the guest will be able to have ‘View Only’ Access to all Employer data and documents.

Domain Hosting

We enables a platform to host Employer, Employee, and Guest Access Dashboards on its own domain. Dashboards are customizable React components that can be hosted on any domain of your choice, with simple DNS configuration. The ability to host white-label components on your own dashboards keeps the entire payroll experience on your native system so customers get the ultimate embedded payroll experience.

Employer Knowledge Center

We provide Platforms with a white-label Knowledge Center which includes access to articles that outlines steps to navigate payroll scenarios, resource material for paperwork and blank forms, access to HR rules, compliance updates, and Labor Posters, a calculator to project sample payroll calculation scenarios; and access to a support tool to handle extra complex payroll scenarios. We ensures that Platforms have every tool they need to educate and support their Customers.

Employee & Contractor Knowledge Center

The Employee & Contractor Knowledge Center provides workers with articles to answer the most common inquiries workers have. Some examples of these inquiries include “How Can I Understand My Paystub” and “I Need to Update My Paperwork”.

Online Labor Posters

Some states and jobs require Employers to print and display workforce labor posters for easy review. We have aggregated labor posters from each state for Employers to access and display.

End-Employer Support Tool

The End-Employer Support Tool helps Employers to quickly find important Knowledge Center articles that answer their most common inquiries, and asks the Employers essential screening questions before routing the inquiry to a representative.


Build with the only payroll API that can process daily payroll for your employees.

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Our team of experts provide guidance from integration to launch & scale.

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Payroll withholding, reporting & filing, W2 & 1099 compliance, and more.

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