Payments built for speed and scale

Zeal Payments handles the entire flow of debiting the employer’s bank, paying wages to employees’ accounts, and managing Tax Department disbursements.

KYB Service

We verify the Employer’s bank accounts to ensure their bank account is valid and has sufficient funds to process payroll. The Zeal platform will take full ownership of the end-to-end verification flow to ensure that Employers can process stress-free payroll for their first payroll run and corresponding payroll runs.

ACH Payments

The Zeal platform initiates and manages the entire ACH Payment flow, including verification of an Employer’s bank that’s funding payroll, debiting an Employer’s bank account of net wages and taxes, and crediting an Employee’s bank account with net wages. Zeal supports next-day and same-day ACH.

Download Check

Offer easily downloadable paper checks as an alternative form of payment. Download check is a feature available for Employers to easily email a downloadable paper check to an Employee.
The download check feature is commonly used to pay underbanked workers and is used in the support process when a paycheck needs to be reversed due to an error and the employee needs to be paid out by the check-date.

Tax Department Disbursement

The Zeal platform handles the disbursement of tax obligations to Federal, state, and local tax agencies on behalf of the Employer. Tax department disbursements are especially complex because they require several custom ACH fields and do not go through standard KYB approval processes. Tax department disbursements are sent in the preferred format that a tax agency requests, either ACH or paper checks.

Tax Treasury Management

Tax Treasury Management is the process of managing all tax liabilities, scheduled due dates of reserves that will leave a system, and management of remittances and recalculations. The Zeal platform manages two treasuries on behalf of Employers. The first being the Payment Treasury (Employee Net Wages, Withdrawal of Tax Money from Employer Account) and second being the Tax Treasury (Management of the tax reserves once they are in Zeal's possession).


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