Support managing your payroll product

Zeal Services provides access to payroll support, migration, full override access and more so that you can scale confidently.

Data Storage

The Zeal platform hosts and stores all payroll records on behalf of the Partner and Employer. Certain payroll records from an Employer and Employee must be hosted for at least four years due to government audit regulations. This feature is particularly important if an Employer decides to switch from the Partner Service to another payroll provider, since we will be liable for hosting all payroll records for at least four years after the Employer ends the payroll service.

Payroll Migration

Payroll migration is the process of extracting historic records from an Employer’s previous payroll provider and uploading those records in the correct format into the new payroll system. Zeal’s migration process will communicate the status of migration to both the Partner and Employer and extract all records from the previous payroll provider and bring it on to the Partner payroll service.

God-Mode Dashboard

Payroll providers need internal tools to properly manage and support their sub-accounts. The Zeal platform provides Partners with an internal tool known as a God-Mode Dashboard, which helps a Platform’s nontechnical team members support their sub-accounts. On the God-Mode Dashboard, a team member can be granted ‘God-mode’ over a sub-account which allows them to impersonate the Customer’s view of payroll, make edits into the payroll system on the Customer’s behalf, and view reference IDs for every payroll component so they can work with technical team members to resolve issues.

Partner Support Tool

The Partner Support Tool gives your support team templates for answering the most common payroll questions asked by Employers. Our Zendesk-style tool provides step-by-step instructions for your support team to navigate through an Employer inquiry. The Partner Support Tool is a supplement to Zeal’s Support API which gives your team additional support for answering all Tax & Treasury related inquiries.

Tax Research Service

Our tax research team gives Employers thorough research reports on tax scenarios they want in-depth clarification on. In this feature the Employer will fill out a survey of information with their tax inquiry, and our teams will send an in-depth research report to the Employer with further clarification.
This feature is most commonly used for clarification on gross-to-net calculation methodology, qualifying whether an Employer qualifies for a tax exemption rule due to their unique industry vertical, clarification on new tax code legislation, and clarification of tax code source of truth given several conflicting sources of tax code.

Integration Specialists

Our in-house development specialists will help your team to build a payroll API integration. During weekly technical stand-ups our team will correspond with them directly to ensure that they have full context into the project scope and will correspond directly for developer questions related to the integration. This offering is great for teams who have limited development resources.

White-Label Communication

The Zeal platform standardizes alerts and confirmations for every payroll action as well as consolidates monthly payroll updates to send to end-Employers. These alerts are available via the Alerts API and white-label components.


Build with the only payroll API that can process daily payroll for your employees.

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Use our pre-built, optimized UI components to get to market quickly.

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Payroll withholding, reporting & filing, W2 & 1099 compliance, and more.

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