June 16, 2022

We’re pumped to shine a spotlight on our new report capabilities with year to date (YTD) and quarter to date (QTD) data aggregation. At Zeal we know payroll is more than the number that shows up in your bank account. Payroll consists of multiple data points, such as gross pay, net pay, deductions, and taxes all of which are necessary pieces of the payroll puzzle. Rather than make you pull each piece of data individually and add them all up, we’ve removed the risk of human error (don’t worry, we promise we aren’t pro robot 🤖 overlords, just gotta admit, sometimes the computer knows best)

With YTD and QTD Reports APIs, Zeal’s made it easier to get employee’s aggregate payroll data. Now that you know it’s simple and accurate we’ll share the best part - this feature provides the freedom to easily build more than the typical utilitarian paystub and create dashboards employees will love. Teams can even use this information internally as they plan out their cash flow and reconcile accounts. TL:DR Sky’s the limit! Let us know how you’ve utilized the YTD and QTD APIs here.