November 26, 2021

As a payroll infrastructure company, we partner with all types of platforms across a variety of industries who are all consistently looking to build the best worker onboarding experiences. As such, we’re looking to empower our partners through flexible tooling so that they can build innovative, custom, and frictionless experiences while staying in compliance.

With our onboarding paperwork API, employees no longer need to e-fill PDF forms for onboarding themselves. Instead, platforms can collect the required fields within their native onboarding flows and generate paperwork in real time.

Who did we build this for?

We want to hand over more control of the employee onboarding experience to our Partners. An API approach is beneficial especially for platforms in industries in which government-mandated forms are only a piece of the employee onboarding experience; thus giving employers flexibility in collecting ancillary information for offer letters, industry-specific compliance paperwork, employer-mandated onboarding information, and more.

It’s also great for platforms that generally want to control their own UI/UX for employee onboarding, or already have a process built out. For these companies, adding a module for Hellosign-like functionality within their native onboarding flows can create excess friction. Now, it’s unnecessary.

How it works

‍Once an employee has been created in Zeal with all profile information, such as social security number, date of birth, and residency address, onboarding paperwork can be created:

Add Employee tax values:

Send Zeal the employee's basic payroll information that's required to complete the onboarding form.

Generate Federal paperwork:

To pull a completed form, send Zeal a request. If the type of form is not specified, a Federal W-4 is generated by default.

Generate State paperwork:

Historically platforms have had two options when onboarding workers through Zeal:

  1. Use Zeal Components, our White-labeled UI, to take the user through an end-to-end, frontend flow for onboarding.
  2. Build a HelloSign equivalent experience for the user and later send the tax forms to Zeal.

With the introduction of our Onboarding Paperwork APIs, platforms no longer need that HelloSign development in order to onboard users through their native flows.

To learn more about using our Onboarding Paperwork API and how it works with the rest of the Zeal API, visit our documentation. If you’re interested in building on top of Zeal, you can contact us here.