September 1, 2022

Working in the embedded payroll space requires APIs that call on a large amount of data. At Zeal we utilize a job queue to handle these large data loads to make sure we can efficiently return information without timeouts or unforeseen errors. To further customize the experience for developers we’re introducing a job queue webhook.

With our new webhook, developers now have the option to automatically receive updates when there are any changes in a job’s status. For big reports, like a Payroll Journal, you can receive a continuous stream of updates for when the Payroll Journal is ready, giving you the chance to handle information rapidly. Additionally, utilizing the webhook provides near instantaneous notice if a Preview Payroll may have failed due to wrong data being passed. Our goal is to provide data and feedback quickly and accurately to developers, allowing you to build your best payroll product with ease and maximum flexibility. If you’d like to learn more about webhooks in our product, read more on our API documentation here.