October 6, 2022

In our mission to support Partners building targeted payroll products we’ve focused this quarter on demystifying the complex world of payroll processing. Money movement is one of the more convoluted systems to navigate, so we set out to unravel the process into a clear, digestible thread. Tracking funds that are disbursed, settled, and every option in between returns actionable insight for payroll providers, businesses, and employees alike. With an eye trained on granularity and transparency we’ve updated disbursement statuses to reflect each step in the money movement process.

Today, Zeal is increasing visibility into the net-pay portion of payroll, you’ll see separate statuses that detail where in the pay cycle Employee Check and Contractor Payment objects are. With the disbursement status attribute, you’ll always be in the know if funds have dropped into an Employee’s account or a check was canceled. Now Partners can solve and answer any question related to disbursed Company or Employee funds.

We’re highlighting disbursement statuses as one answer in a growing collection of support focused product initiatives at Zeal. We’ve received amazing feedback from our Partners requesting more opportunities to build out their support processes and can’t wait to multiply on this momentum. If you want to learn more about the manifold nuances of embedded payroll and how you can offer an industry specific solution, reach out.