May 5, 2022

We believe in offering APIs to allow anyone to flexibly create their own payroll product. While this is true, sometimes data handling can be complex—particularly taxes. That’s why we’ve built a taxes page component for you.

Our Taxes page contains helpful data that would be difficult to re-create without having payroll tax knowledge. By simply embedding Zeal’s taxes page using an authentication link, you can easily leverage our pre-built component using your own custom domain and branding. You get the simplicity and ease of handling tax data, without the complexity of having to manage this tax data yourself. No redirects and no oddly named URLS—just a smooth experience in your own flow that helps employers understand what their tax requirements are.

We’re invested in giving our partners simple solutions that allow them to go-to-market fast without having to compromise on their employers’ experiences. If you’re building your own payroll product and want to reduce the burden of handling taxes, get in touch with us so we can help!