March 22, 2022

Zeal has made it easy to pay 1099 contractors in no time—you can now onboard them in just a few minutes!

Contractors have a unique set of requirements when it comes to payroll. They don’t receive benefits, they fill out different forms (Form W-9 vs. Form W-4), and taxes don’t get withheld the same way as a W-2 employee. Contractors also have an added layer of complexity for employers—employers must track if a contractor has earned $600 or more in a calendar year, and issue them a Form 1099 if earnings are above this threshold.

With Zeal, we make this process seamless—with some basic profile information provided via the API, we will auto-generate and fill in 1099s for all contractors you decide to onboard. This will result in faster onboarding time and avoid the need for contractors to fill out the same profile information over and over again. No more exhaustive, repetitive, and multi-step onboarding processes for contractors!

Our existing partners have easily built custom onboarding flows with Zeal’s on-the-fly contractor onboarding, while being able to outsource compliance to us. So, why do this—what purpose does on-the-fly contractor onboarding serve?

With the rise in remote work and the freelance/gig economy, several platforms are onboarding large volumes of 1099 contractors. Contractor experience starts right at onboarding with a platform—getting this right ensures that users getting paid on your platform can do so without any friction, improving their time to go live and creating a positive experience right at the start. With Zeal, you’ll have access to an onboarding flow that offers the most amount of customization, capable of scaling with you.

Using Zeal’s 1099 contractor onboarding feature is easy—check out the on-the-fly contractor onboarding endpoint linked here: Contractor object. Zeal also has an on-the-fly onboarding feature for W2 employees, which you can check out here: Employee object.

Interested in learning more about Zeal’s contractor onboarding? Get in touch with us to talk about what you’re looking to achieve!

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