June 2, 2022

How to plan ahead with Zeal’s preview payroll endpoint

State and Federal tax codes can appear impenetrable to anyone but a tax professional, but that shouldn’t stop you from having high confidence when you plan your cash flow and share take-home pay with an employee. Unfortunately, future payroll runs turn into a guessing game without an effective tool.

To help you out, Zeal made a preview check data endpoint available for employers and partners. With our newest feature, you can preview the net pay, taxes, and end deduction amounts for any check. Easily plug-in test data to create and get single or multiple sample checks returned with the same values you’d see populated during a typical payroll run. Dig into the details with our API documentation here.

Whether you’re an SMB predicting what you’ll need to process future payroll or a recruiter showing take-home pay, Zeal is here to help you be transparent and prepared. Do you have another way you’ve used the preview check feature? Tell us about it!