March 31, 2022

Data wizards rejoice! Zeal has now added support for metadata tags and added a new parameter for external IDs in the Employee object.

Part of being an infrastructure company is understanding that we help contribute towards a larger product ecosystem. Many companies need to tie information from different databases together—making sure that data shared and stored between our system and other systems is correct is paramount. It’s also achievable with metadata and external IDs.

We’ve made the process of tying external IDs to an employee ID simple—you can simply add an external ID directly to an Employee object. This allows you to easily pair employee IDs with another internal system so employee data doesn’t get lost.

If you need a bit more customization outside of an external ID, you can take advantage of metadata tags—with the ability to add metadata, you get the flexibility to add more custom parameters that are unique to your own product or other databases. Metadata allows you to leverage Zeal’s payroll infrastructure in a meaningful way, while still being able to tie back other important data attributes to other systems.

Are you interested in building your own payroll but need to tie unique pieces of data together? Get in touch with us to see how we can help!