August 18, 2022

Here at Zeal we spend hours pouring over tax rules and regulations. It’s important to feel confident in the information shared and the steps we ask you to take in the name of compliance. One of the quirky rules for tax filings is that you are often required to report and file in states where you are not actively doing business. Zero wage filing is the term used to refer to filings mandated by any state in which you are simply registered with a payroll ID. For zero wage filings, the title provides an explanation, businesses are required to report wages they paid out, even in cases where it’s zero dollars.

By filing Zero wage filings for employers, you avoid unnecessary penalties and gain the flexibility to hit the ground running in any state you’re registered to withhold. We’ve updated the Zeal Tax Setup Page UX to allow employers to navigate and mark any state where you have a withholding tax ID. To check out our new tool log into the Tax Setup Page, and navigate to Taxes.

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