Native, flexible, & automated payroll built for gig-work

The modern workforce doing gig, on-demand shift, and freelance work all deserve modern payroll. Zeal makes it simple for you to give workers a better, mobile experience while automating payroll and compliance. Welcome to the era of modern payroll.

Modern payroll delivered in a mobile app

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Flexible work requires flexible payroll

Whether it's gig, shift, or freelance — modern work needs modern payroll.

Gig work

Increase worker retention and lower operational costs. Automatically pay 1099 workers after each job, right from within your mobile app.

On-Demand Staffing

Automate payroll, taxes, and compliance for flexible shift work while giving W-2 and 1099 workers the best mobile experience.

End-to-end payroll for flexible work

Workers deserve a payroll platform that will provide what they need. Accurate, on-time payments and a modern mobile user experience delivered by you, not some third-party portal developed ages ago.

Onboard workers

Seamlessly collect all the information you need to onboard workers using our smart form.

Fully custom branded

Customizable workflows

Remote, mobile I-9 E-Verification

Optimized for W2 and 1099 workers

Embeddable and sharable

Seamlessly onboard workers

Collect new information

As workers take on new jobs, you can effortlessly collect the new tax information required.

Automated detection of new requirements

Webhook notifications of new required information

Embeddable and shareable form

Automatically collect new information as it's required

Verify worker information

Automatically collect and store the information to stay compliant with our simple I-9 verification process.

Fully remote

Mobile optimized

Confirmed employment verification

Effortlessly verify workers employment eligibility

Calculate gross pay

For staffing calculating gross pay isn't simple. But with Zeal it is.

Automated gross pay calculation

Works with multiple shifts, rates of pay, overtime, minimum wages, and more

Automate complex gross pay calculations

Calculate net pay

Deductions can quickly get messy. Zeal automatically takes everything into account and calculates net pay for you.

Taxes across locations, income brackets, and more

Health and financial benefits, and garnishments

On-demand and early pay calculations

Automate complex net pay calculations

Send payments

Pay workers fast. You can create a flow of funds that speeds up payments and keeps cash on your balance sheet longer.

ACH payments

Downloadable check

Pre-paid checks

Automated tax and garnishment payments

Easily pay workers with a variety of options

Automated taxes

Each jurisdiction has different rules and processes, but with Zeal you don't need to know that.

Automated federal, state, and local tax reporting

Automated federal, state, and local tax filing

Automate taxes and compliance

Report and file

We automate reporting and filing so you can spend less time on paperwork.

Automated end of year filing

Automated new hire reporting

Webhooks for document notification

Automate payroll reporting and filing

Simplify and automate payroll for flexible work

Zeal makes it simple to create a better worker experience while automating payroll, tax, and compliance. Whether it's gig, on-demand shift, or freelance work - flexible work requires flexible payroll.

A mobile worker experience

Stop sending workers to a third-party portal built in the 00's and start retaining more of your talent. Zeal makes it simple to quickly launch a world-class, branded worker experience in a mobile app.

Seamlessly onboard workers
Automated payroll, taxes, and compliance
Automated payroll

Put payroll on autopilot. Zeal automatically onboards workers, collects new information, calculates gross-to-net, determines minimum wage, sends payments, reports and files taxes, and so much more.

Modular and flexible

Payroll and compliance for flexible work. Zeal is the most flexible payroll platform; handling multiple companies, rates of pay, locations, overtime rules, minimum wages, accruals, and more.

Pinpoint gross-to-net calculations and more

Create a world-class worker experience

Stop sending your workers to Web 1.0 payroll portals. Build everything your workers need to access payroll right within your own branded experience.

How Wonolo enables flexible shifts with modern payroll

Wonolo allows workers to find local jobs that work with their schedule. Companies can easily fill on-demand, temp, seasonal, and temp-to-perm roles quickly. Wonolo required a payroll that would allow them the flexibility for workers to work a different job with each shift. Zeal delivered with a flexible payroll platform that not only allowed this, but made it simple for them to manage with automation.

Wonolo product example

How modern payroll enables Qwick to allow workers to "work whenever you want"

Qwick is helping short-staffed hospitality businesses to find high-quality professionals to keep operations running smoothly. Professionals can pick up a shift - and Qwick needed a payroll solution that could allow them to handle so much variation easily. Zeal's modern payroll platform served up the solution, giving them total control, visibility, and flexibility.

Qwick product example

How Teero is putting smiles on the faces of hygenists, offices, and all of us

Teero offers staffing solutions for modern dentistry. Flexibility and a beautifully designed mobile app for hygienists. Reliability and simplicity for offices. Zeal's modern payroll platform helps them handle the complexity of the work, and works seamlessly within their mobile app.

Teero product example