Tax management

Zeal is much more than a gross-to-net calculator. It is an end-to-end tax solution, powered by our industry-leading tax engine and an in-house team of tax and compliance specialists.

what we handle

  • Maintaining an updated payroll engine that accounts for all 11,000+ tax jurisdictions and 25,000 annual payroll tax updates
  • Filing all relevant forms and paying out payroll withholdings on local, state, and federal levels
  • Generating accurate gross-to-net calculations, even for the trickiest jurisdictions and scenarios
  • Supplying end-of-year W-2 & 1099 forms to employees and contractors
  • Ensuring our partners and their customers are 100% compliant, all of the time


We take care of the entire payment flow for our partners, from debiting the employer’s bank, to paying wages and managing tax disbursements. Our in-house payment specialists provide fast, accurate resolutions to payment support requests.

what we handle

  • Verifying the employer’s bank account to ensure funds are sufficient.
  • Managing ACH payments, including 1-day and 2-day speeds.
  • Offering downloadable checks as an alternative form of payment.
  • Disbursement of tax obligations to federal, state, and local tax agencies on behalf of the employer.
  • Management of Payment Treasury and Tax Treasury on behalf of employers.


We turned essential payroll workflows into pre-built components that are easy to embed into your product, allowing you to go to market faster. Beautifully designed and easily customizable to fit your brand, each component offers an engaging user experience while reducing your development timeline.

our components:

  • Employer onboardingOnboard employers with ease, at scale. Core functionality includes the collection of employer contact information, IRS form 8655 (Power of Attorney Authorization), payroll authorization contracts, and KYB authorization.
  • Employee & contractor onboardingBring employees into your payroll product with a streamlined flow for collecting contact information, IRS Form W-4, state W-4, Form I-9, and direct deposit authorization.
  • Employer DashboardAllow payroll admins to easily access and process payroll data. Core functionality includes a flow for manually entering and adjusting payroll, creating and exporting reports, and the ability to add multiple team members to review and approve payroll.
  • Employee & contractor dashboardGive employees easy access to their payroll data through a central platform that you control. This component includes a dashboard for viewing and downloading paystub information, and editing employee information.
  • Guest access dashboardAllow employers to give their accountants, insurance providers, and legal team access to their payroll dashboard. Core functionality includes onboarding external team members while maintaining control with a ‘view only’ access option.


We know that when it comes to building and scaling payroll successfully, the right partner can make all the difference. We provide proactive services and support to ensure you are providing the best payroll product possible.

what we handle

  • Hosting and storing all payroll records on behalf of our partners, for at least four years due to government audit regulations.
  • Migrating historic payroll records from an employer’s previous payroll provider, and updating the records into the correct format in the new system.
  • Providing a Partner Dashboard to oversee the entire payroll process.
  • Providing all forms, reports, and end-of-year filings for free download, as well as printing and mailing paper records to any address that requests a physical copy.
  • Providing your support team with templates for answering the most common payroll questions asked by employers.
  • Providing thorough research reports on tax scenarios that require in-depth clarification.
  • Hands-on development support, with in-house development specialists that will help your team build a payroll API integration.

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