The only payroll platform that is native, flexible, and automated

Zeal is the modern payroll platform that provides end-to-end automation for dynamic work arrangements. And makes it simple to offer a better worker experience.

Modern payroll mobile app and admin dashboard

End-to-end payroll automation

Our end-to-end platform is as flexible as the work being done. We enable payroll and compliance automation when workers have unique work arrangements including across multiple companies, locations, complex overtime, and more.

Seamless onboarding

From initial onboarding to accepting new jobs our smart form automates information collection.

Secure and branded form for information and document collection

Smart forms only collect information needed, and automatically collect new information when a shift requires it

Optimized workflows for W-2 and 1099 workers

Fully remote and mobile optimized I-9 E-Verification

Collect custom paperwork, bank account information, and more

Workers electronically sign forms

Automate worker onboarding
Automate complex gross-to-net calculations

Pinpoint calculations

Our platform automates complex calculations so gross-to-net is accurate and effortless.

Gross pay with multiple companies, locations, rates of pay, minimum wages, and more

Net pay with varying tax withholdings, garnishments, benefit withholdings, and more

Automated overtime pay calculation

Time off accruals with varying rules

Flexible payments

Our platforms gives you the control and flexibility to pay workers from multiple sources and through multiple rails.

Pay automatically happens on schedules you set; daily, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly

Multiple shifts are automatically combined into a payment

Automatically handle tax, garnishment, last-day and otherpayments required by regulations

Pay via ACH, downloadable check, and/or prepaid check

Automatically generate compliant and branded paystubs

Various workforce payment options
Automated payroll, taxes, and compliance

Effortless reporting and filing

As new workers join, get paid, and do their taxes our platform automatically handles all of the reporting and filing for you.

Automated tax reporting and filing across multiple jurisdictions

Report new hires

File end of year W-2 and W-2 C

The simple and flexible way to build native payroll

Stop sending your workers to Web 1.0 payroll portals. Easily give your workers what they need to access payroll right within your own branded experience. And get an admin Dashboard to manage your payroll operations.

Offer a native mobile payroll app with no-code
Launch a worker app in minutes

Create a fully-functional, branded worker app, in minutes. This is not the same old third-party portal. Onboarding, time tracking, paystubs, tax documents, and everything else payroll related is built into a well designed, modern interface.

Easily build payroll into your product
Create payroll inside your product

Complete flexibility and customization is at your fingertips. With our White-label Components and API you can easily build your dream payroll solution into your product. Build custom workflows, integrate with other functionality, and more. Anything is possible.

Run payroll with a no-code admin Dashboard
No-code admin Dashboard

Manage and report on your payroll operations without any building. Our no-code admin Dashboard gives you complete control and visibility.

The platform for enterprise-grade payroll

Build payroll at the speed of startups with the scalability, reliability, security, and compliance that enterprises require.


Payroll for all your workers

We power payroll at scale for startups and public companies. Build for all of your workers, W2 and 1099, no matter how many. 


Reliable by default

We support companies with consistently high availability, fast response times, and dedicated communication channels.


Enterprise-grade security

We’ve built an enterprise-grade platform you can trust. We are SOC 2 compliant and deploy best-in-class practices and tools to maintain security in our infrastructure, product, and company.


Compliance built-in

Payroll and tax compliance is built into everything we do. We built a native compliance engine that spans over 11,000 tax jurisdictions that automates compliance activities.

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