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Zeal helps you teach every student.

We focus on differentiation, so you can focus on what you do best: teaching.




Common Core Based

Differentiated Instruction

Real-Time Results

Zeal includes thousands of Common Core aligned assessment items in Math and ELA

By assessing your students in real time, Zeal determines the most developmentally appropriate lessons for each of your students.

Zeal collects benchmark results on all of your students as they work in class and at home, so you can make better decisions.

Robert Huizar

Teacher / San Jose, CA

"I use Zeal in my classroom every day. Zeal helps me give my high and low students the individual instruction they need and lets me control exactly what each student is working on."

Creating customized lesson plans for each student used to be too time consuming...

Zeal can help!

Teach Instead of Test

Differentiate Without Hassle

Eliminate Paper Homework

How much of your classtime are you spending doing assessments?  Zeal includes thousands of Common Core aligned assessment items in Math and ELA which we administer as students are working.  By using Zeal, you get an accurate view of what each student in your class knows without spending your time.

We all know that if you have an extra ten hours per week, you can figure out what each child in your class needs. Who has the time?  With Zeal, you set Common-Core standards as goals and Zeal differentiates for you.  Based on thousands of students, we determine the most developmentally appropriate skills for each student to work on and scaffold them to achieve your goals.

Our app is optimized for phones and tablets with poor Internet connections, so even in the lowest income schools, you can assign Zeal for homework and your students have a great experience.  You come in every morning to get a fresh update of what they worked on and what they know.

Coach, don't lecture

Learn With Friends

Create Small Groups

Standing in front of a class lecturing is not a great use of anyone’s time.  With Zeal, you can spend a portion of each school day with students working on Zeal.  Zeal automatically works on the most appropriate skills in line with your goals and you circulate to work one on one as a coach.

Zeal is based on the concept that students are very good at explaining concepts to each other.  Every time a student solves a problem in Zeal, they can give a hint to every other student on the system.  We save these hints, other students rate them, and we find the ones that work best.  Zeal is like having the smartest student in the world sitting next to your students as they learn, explaining the difficult parts.

Zeal provides daily precise information about the gaps each student faces in achieving your goals.  We suggest small groups which will allow you to teach a set of students a specific standard to only students who are ready for that standard.

Be a part of something special.

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Don't just teach to the test. Help foster a zeal for learning that your students will never lose.

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