June 30, 2022

To continue our quest for ultimate flexibility paired with simplicity, we’ve added custom names for earning components to our API. At Zeal, we know employees earn in a multitude of ways. Every time you assign pay for a specific type of work, you’re assigning what we refer to as an earning component. Earning components can be an hourly wage, overtime, time and a half, or any other type of earning amount.

Custom names allow employers to create titles for earning shifts that make sense to them and their workers. For example, if you’re working with nurses and want to clarify they are paid for a night shift, which earns a higher amount than their typical hourly rate, you can customize that name and earning amount through the API. Additionally, any custom name you add will populate in the White-label as a replacement for default earning component titles, like “hourly.” And because we know that being able to report and track is vital for business, custom names will also be present in the Labor Allocation Report and Payroll Journal as substitutes for the earning component type, in line with the logic used for the White-label. With custom names, we expect our customers to create unique-to-them payroll products. We can’t wait to see this feature used in real-time. If you’ve got an unforgettable custom name earning component, share it with us, we’d love to see it in action!