June 24, 2022

It’s no secret that the rules and regulations that govern payroll taxes can appear as clear as mud some days. That’s why Zeal pinpointed and incorporated accelerated payment deposit schedules to ensure we’re keeping you in compliance and penalty-free.

With accuracy and clarity front and center, we’ve taken the time to dissect every nuanced tax rule (for all 11,000+ tax jurisdictions 😅), so your company can focus on the funner things in life, like, say, core business functions. Accelerated payment schedules tie directly to the size of your business and the amount of payroll you’re processing. For example, a large enterprise company can meet a withholding threshold when it processes a big payroll. Meeting that threshold means the government expects a payment the next day. You can also run into an accelerated payment during a time when your company processes an abnormally large payroll, like a big round of company-wide bonuses being paid out. Rather than get dinged with a significant penalty, Zeal’s compliance and tax teams worked in tandem with our engineers to quickly spot these events and make sure accelerated payments are paid out to the correct agency.

Zeal has the time and expertise to build products that keep your tax payments on track, especially when you’ve got big payroll numbers to process. Save on penalties and time by building with Zeal today. If you’re an enterprise customer who wants to develop your own payroll product that catches all the payments, reach out, we’d love to connect.