September 29, 2022

Embedded payroll is a space ripe for innovation because it’s governed by an old, archaic system that isn’t updated to serve today’s global economy. While tax regulations are complex, Zeal’s made it our mission to make the process of building and running payroll accessible for any company. Today we are broadening accessibility by supporting a new worker type, non-resident, international contractors. The IRS mandates that companies choosing to hire international contractors accurately complete the W8-BEN form for their international, non-resident contractors.

Our new International Contractor Worker Type feature enables our customers to stay compliant with the IRS. By facilitating information collection for your International Workers we’re able to assist in aggregating Worker data across your company. We will also keep accurate records of all reported withholding and net pay amounts to assist in IRS filings and reports.

To utilize our new Worker Type, verify the tax withholding rate that should apply to an international contractor. Zeal will calculate and record net payments to each contractor, thus making the end of year reporting process for you and your worker easy. Taxes don’t have to feel like navigating a maze. Let Zeal help you get from point A to B with ease.