May 19, 2022

The first pillar of helping you build an excellent payroll product is making sure people get paid. But why restrict you to paying out employees in just plain old cash? That’s where Zeal’s new commodity wage component comes in. Now at Zeal, not only can a person be paid with physical goods, like soybeans, corn, or livestock, but we’ve got you covered to make sure non-cash payouts don’t get overtaxed.

With the introduction of commodity wages, Zeal’s added an additional way to make payments to employees, increasing flexibility for our users. Diversifying our payout options allows for you to make a paycheck with something other than cash is stellar, but the tax implications that follow an in-kind payment can be complex. Not wanting to keep you in a box, Zeal takes on the nuances of commodity wages to assure both you and your employees are taxed accurately.

We’re dedicated to giving every business the opportunity to build a payroll product that serves their needs. That’s why there is no such thing as niche at Zeal. If you have an idea for another way to pay out wages or want to take us up on paying out with commodities, crypto, or cash get in touch!