April 28, 2022

Payroll journals, and worker summaries, and cash requirements—oh my!

Our reports API is now live—creating reports with Zeal is now as easy as two API calls. What makes this API unique is that it’s the first service that utilizes our new job queue architecture, which helps streamline reporting at scale—as our partners scale, we want to make sure our APIs are flexible to grow with them.

To create a report, clients can generate reports by directly calling the reports API with a POST request specific to the type of report they want to generate—this can be a payroll journal, cash requirements, and more. The reports API will return a job ID after a successful POST. This job ID can then be used to get the status of the report, or to get a URL to download the report (if complete). The advantage of using this asynchronous architecture (to fetch URLs) is that a download won’t be interrupted simply by navigating to other pages—the report will be available when you need it, asynchronously.

Another great benefit of the reports API is the ability to adjust the report export format. If you want a PDF that clearly lays out payroll data, or you want a CSV so you can manipulate the data in another tool, Zeal’s reports API can easily power these experiences.

As Zeal continues to grow, we’ll continue to offer more types of reports—be on the lookout for new options, or get in touch with us if there’s something specific you’d like reports on!

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