April 19, 2022

Creating deductions just got much simpler. With our deductions API, you can create deductions for 401k contribution, HSA contributions, or any of the other deductions we support, in just a few calls.

Employers often have various ways that they need to use deductions—that’s why we designed our API to be flexible to handle each of their unique use cases. If you need a one-size-fits-all deduction (such as using a 5% employer contribution for 401k’s), or deductions that are customized per employee, per paycheck, we’ve got you covered. Using deduction templates, you have the ability to control if contribution fields are static, or can be adjusted by employees. For example, you may not want the employer contribution amount for 401k’s to be edited since it’s generally static, but you may want your employees to have the ability to adjust their own 401k contribution amounts.

With the override_type parameter, you can select if a deduction type is static (final), or adjustable (overridable or needs input). This gives you the flexibility to decide how you want deductions to be passed to the API. They can be inherited from the parent deduction template, like an employer’s 401k contribution rate, or require input every time, like with an employee’s 401k contribution.

Have a unique use case for deductions and want to simplify building your own payroll? Get in touch with us to see how we can help!